This photo album is dedicated to Jarno and Soili.

During my childhood, one photo was pinned to the wardrobe in my room. I was born exactly 2 years (minus 2 days) after that tragic day. Jarno's name also became my name, from the moment I was born.

A very small photo collection started in the nineties (with help from Henk) jarno-saarinen-paroni. This grew now into a collection of more than 1900 sorted photos into albums right now. Still more than 500 photos need to be placed in albums. And still new 'never seen before' photo's with Jarno and Soili are posted on the Internet.

During the collection of photos I did my best to assign the author/photographer of the photo. If not correct, or if missing, please add it by sending a comment to the photo.
Last but not least, a huge thank you to all the photographers! They were there, and so very close.

Jarno F.